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How to Series: How to Make Pomegranate Applique Tank Tunic

by Mukhayyo Alieva January 9, 2018

Pomegranate Applique Tank Tunic

How to Series: How to Make Pomegranate Applique Tank Tunic

We want to demonstrate you how to make a tank tunic that is a favorite of many of our customers. We use ikat fabric left overs for the applique. Pomegranate design is loved by many, if you have better applique ideas feel free to use those and share with us in the comments.

To make this tank tunic you will need 80×160 cm soft cotton or t-shirt fabric.

Although the attached pattern is for M sizes (US10), you may measure your bust and adjust the width of the patterns. If you would like longer tunic, then just extend the length of the flare or the front and back of the blocks.

  1. Use special pattern paper or anything that is convenient for you to draw the given pattern. The pattern includes 1cm seam allowance.
  2. Fold the fabric by 30cm and place the center front. Pin the pattern (A) on the fabric so it doesn’t slip. Trace it with the soap or chalk. Cut the fabric and set it aside.
  3. Fold the fabric to cut the center back block (B).
  4. Fold the remaining lower part of the fabric to cut the tunic flare (Block C).
  5. Remove the patterns from the cut fabrics and place the applique on any contrasty fabric that you want to use on your tunic. Pin it and trace it. Cut it out. You may want to use interfacing for the edges of the applique to make it easier to stitch.Pomegranate Applique
  6. When the applique is ready use Zig Zag function of your sewing machine to stitch along the applique. If you don’t have a seweing machine with this function, you can always stitch it by hand.
  7. Iron the ready applique and start connecting the pieces. Start with the shoulder seam, and connect the sides.
  8. Use overlock machine to process the edges of the underarm, the front and back cuts, and side seams.
  9. Fold the finished edges and use regular basic stitches. We do double stitches.
  10. Gather the flare into 50cm by slowly pulling the threads.
  11. Attach the tunic flare and process it with overlock.
  12. Finish the flare hem with overlock, fold 1.5 cm and stitch with double basic stitch. 
  13. Iron the tunic with steam.
  14. Your  tunic is ready. You can wear it over a shirt or a fitted t-shirt.



Pattern Layer Tank Tunic with Applique
Pattern Layer Tank Tunic with Applique




Use this applique with any fabric.

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