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Maxi Silk Ikat KaftanMaxi Silk Ikat Kaftan
Black and White Silk Ikat Maxi Kaftan with Pleat IK3/01
$880.00 $722.00
DSC_0978_REsIkat drawstring bag
Turquoise and Purple Small Drawstring Bag IK 113
Sky Blue, Grey and White Silk Ikat Fabric IK621
Baby Blue Silk Ikat RobeBaby Blue Silk Ikat Robe
Baby Blue and White Silk Ikat Robe IK3/09
Silk Ikat Tank TopSilk Ikat Tank Top
Black and White Silk Ikat Tank Top with Tassels | IK3/03
Introducing our Small Silk Ikat Velvet Hobo Bag, a true embodiment of opulence and artisan craftsmanship. This bag combines the sumptuous texture of silk velvet with the intricate allure of silk ikat, adorned with hand-woven bands and beaded tassels, resulting in a stunning fashion accessory that's both functional and eye-catching.
Yellow and Blue Combo Silk Ikat Velvet Hobo Bag VT3/08
Ikat Night Dress
Ikat Night Dress / Black / Green
Luxury Silk Ikat and Suzani Embroidered Kaftan IK648Luxury Silk Ikat and Suzani Embroidered Kaftan IK648
Blue Multicolor Luxury Silk Ikat and Suzani Embroidered Kaftan IK648



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