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Oscar de la Renta turns Uzbekistan-based Bibi Hanum’s handloomed Ikat into chic summer looks

by Mukhayyo Alieva April 11, 2019

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FEBRUARY 22, 2019 

Mid February months find many New Yorkers desperately seeking sun. For Nest community members facing a similar deficit of vitamin D, spring and summer styles wrought by hand might bring just the jolt of golden energy we’ve all been craving. This year, Oscar de la Renta’s Spring-Summer 2019 Collection features the work of Nest Guild member, Bibi Hanum, an Uzbekistan-based artisan business supported by Nest. Look no further for sartorial inspiration to fulfill your fantasies of sprawling beaches than this vibrant collection including caftans and bandeaux made with custom trims and hand loomed fabrics in oversized Ikat motifs.

Oscar de la Renta Ikat fabric on the loom in Uzbekistan

Delivering upon both design and sustainability, Bibi Hanum employed master artisans in Fergana Valley, a region in Uzbekistan renowned for its intricate techniques of Ikat dyeing and weaving by hand, to work on the project for Oscar de la Renta. As business leader Muhayo Ali tells us, “Because the production process of ikat is labor intensive and requires lots of natural silk, the cost of ikat becomes high, making is often cost prohibitive for selling in the local market. A recent influx of cheap factory textiles have also made it hard to sell the authentic, natural textiles. When there is little demand, artisans don’t want to continue the craft, resulting in the decline of the ikat production. By working with the high-end fashion industry, we see an opportunity to stimulate the growth of the market. It is a great achievement for us to work with Oscar De La Renta and we hope that other fashion labels will follow the path that Oscar De La Renta chose.”


As a Nest Artisan Advancement Partner, Oscar de la Renta was introduced to Bibi Hanum through Nest’s artisan sourcing program, an initiative championing transparency through direct match making between artisans and designers. In the words of our founder and executive director, Rebecca van Bergen: “Nest is committed to building an ever-growing global community of export-ready artisan businesses able to deliver upon the promises of exceptional quality and innovative design demanded by a brand like Oscar de la Renta. Collaborations like the one between Bibi Hanum and Oscar de la Renta bring meaningful work to global craftspeople, furthering our organization’s goals for economic development and cultural preservation.”

Zoe Kravitz wears a handwoven Ikat bandeau featuring fabric made by Bibi Hanum for Oscar de la Renta’s Spring-Summer 2019

The seven Oscar de la Renta looks (like this oversized ikat blazer) showcasing Bibi Hanum’s talented “petits mains” are beginning to make their appearances at places like Bergdorf Goodman, beckoning shoppers to make a timeless investment in the luxury of the handmade. And even if a beach remains out of immediate reach, Zoe Kravitz reminds us that sunny Ikat translates equally well to city chic. We wish a heartfelt congratulations to Bibi Hanum and Oscar de la Renta on this successful collaboration.



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