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How to Series: How to Make a Patch Dress

by Mukhayyo Alieva January 11, 2018

How to make a patch dress

How to Series: How to Make a Patch Dress

This time we are going to show you how to make a ripped patch dress with your own cotton fabric. For the patch we will use ikat satin fabric. You can use any other pattern that you prefer. It should be different from the dress fabric color.

To make this dress you will need 90x160cm cotton or t-shirt fabric.

  1. Use the pattern layout and mark it on the paper to create your own pattern.
  2. Trace the front block on a folded fabric and cut it out.
  3. Trace the back block on a folded fabric and cut it out.
  4. Trace the sleeve and cut out one pair of sleeve.
  5. Cut out three patches out of the different fabric. 
  6. Mark  three squares on the front block of the fabric. First square 25cm below the shoulder line with 6cm from the left edge. Second square is between the two of the top and the bottom squares on the right side, approximately 42cm from the top. The third block is 8 cm from the left hem. Draw approximately 2.5 cm wide lines inside the squares and cut them. 
  7. Fold the edges of the patches and stitch them with the regular stitch facing the front of the fabric. Iron them.
  8. The patches should be pinned to the fabric facing back and stitched from the front side of the dress. 
  9. When the patches are attached iron them well. 
  10. Attach the shoulder line and overlock them.
  11. Attach the sleeves and overlock them.
  12. Measure the neckline and connect both ends.
  13. Fold the connected neckline and attach it to the dress.
  14. Overlock the neckline, the hem, and the sleeve hem.
  15. Iron them edges well
  16. Regular stitch from the front of the neckline.
  17. Fold the sleeve 2cm and double stitch.
  18. Fold the hem 2cm and double stitch. 
  19. The dress is ready after steam ironing. Ikat Patch Dress


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