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Bibi Hanum Organizes its Spring Summer 2018 Fashion Show

by Mukhayyo Alieva January 5, 2018

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On a chilly evening of December 14, 2017 Bibi Hanum welcomed about four dozens of guests representing diplomatic corps, tour agencies, friends and special clients for its Spring Summer 2018 Fashion Show. The showroom quickly filled up with garrulous audience who were excited about the show, while behind the curtains the staff was busy putting together or shall we say trying to finish the order of the garments in the manner they were supposed to appear on the stage. There were fifty completed looks ready to be presented for the audience. Couple of the evening garments had final touches to be done, as the order of the models had to be changed and the sizes adjusted. The accessories, shoes, name tags were all set. Although the models showed up around noon, the hair and make-up artists from Xpresssions Beauty Studio (Hotel Lotte) were running out of time trying to garnish ten tall, beautiful models from Art Models Agency.

With a short rehearsal Dilfuza and Nikita had organized, the models were ready to perform. The models were lined up with their first looks.  Our friend Akrom who was helping with the photography was also all set to shoot the runway. After having some hot beverages with o’dourves  the audience occupied their seats and were ready for the show. Muhayo welcomed everybody for the show; the music followed; the models appeared one by one showing the newest blouses with pants, maxi dresses made of brand new ikat fabrics and added embroidered suzani embellishments. The new red and yellow velvet jackets with suzani embroidery and matching bags left the audience in awe. The long gowns with sheer silk cloaks with pomegranate motifs and long embroidered evening dresses with wrap-over ikat flared skirts completed the show. The show didn’t end with just the loud and lasting claps of the audience who seemed to approve and appreciate Bibi Hanum’s new collection and all the women’s hard work behind the show. It went on with a fun and exciting  gift giving game that Dilfuza and Farida put together for the audience. Bibi Hanum’s branded silk scarves, hand-made wallets, bracelets and clutches were presented to those who withdrew the right numbers from Madina’s basket. After the show the guests continued browsing through Bibi Hanum’s store and making necessary new year gift purchases.

We hope that our guests were happy with the event and we would like to have this as the beginning of many more fun events that we look forward to present for our fans.

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